Tuesday, January 13, 2009


So how does one start a blog?

Is there an official greeting, a proper start or a way to introduce yourself to some of the most intriguing people on earth, not sure.

I'm online ALL the time! I find myself like President Obama lost without my blackberry. Funny though I've only been a berry baby since September 2008, thanks to my lovely daughter. Now without it I feel lost as there is so much information out there to obtain.

That's what WTLS Total Awareness is all about, sharing information!

WTLS has been a health awareness business since 1996 when my mother was fighting an 11 year battle with cancer. There were so many questions that we needed answers and I begin posting a newsletter as I found others with the same questions.

From there I found myself with questions on heart disease as my brother battled in 2001 and my best friend diabetes in 2005. Each of these battles I found myself sharing information rather than sitting and allowing their lives to bring me down.

Today, I find myself full of information on multiple things which people want to use for ideas they have in their heads but just don't know where to start! So ask me!

WTLS Total Awareness offers free online answers to your various questions on ALL events in your life. It can be your health, your upcoming wedding, how do I get my child to do this, that party you're hosting or attending, what should we do at our next conference or I want to start a..... and yes if I don't know the answer I WILL find it for you!

Now I know you're asking, how does she do all this for free, EASY...it's online!

If you desire WTLS Total Awareness services on site at your event, that's where the fees start but online, we're totally free!

So look for various topics here and feel free to email me on topics of interest. WTLS Total Awareness is a community based company for the community. If you live, you're a part of the community so join us!

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  1. Hey Pudd, I am so very proud of you and I loved your first post lady!! This is fantastic and very powerful indeed! You should be so proud Mama. I have no doubt that you are going to touch many, many , people young lady! This is just great!. Hooray for You!!