Sunday, January 18, 2009

It's a snowy Sunday...

What a wonderful day to get out and thank God for this wonderful weather and no I'm not that crazy but I LOVE the snow.
I should I was born February 10, 1966 during a blizzard. My family not owning a car brought me home in a store shopping cart as the buses weren't running so they bundled me up and walked the blocks from the hospital to our 7th floor project apartment. My mother always told me they thought I'd be crying but they found me too happy as they checked me often and saw this child was going to enjoy the snow. From that day forward snow has ALWAYS been a joyful time for me so trust this morning I will pull on my boots, put on my blue bomber and head to church to thank God for this wonderful day of snow when I don't have to rush with the folks off to work! This is my kind of snow day!!!

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