Friday, April 10, 2009


On a related note, you might want to brew a cup. The scent of coffee beans may relieve stress. (Hey, Starbucks...we smell a product extension!)

Use a different organ to beat stress -- a small study shows that chewing gum can help relieve anxiety and increase alertness.

According to the Mayo Clinic, self-massage can help reduce tension and anxiety (without the bill!). Try these techniques to give yourself a hand.

Next time you board an international flight, skip the in-flight meal to stay alert for your arrival...turns out, fasting might prevent jetlag.

Does a glass of wine make you sneezy or stuffy? You might not be allergic, but wine may actually compound other food allergies.


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  1. Hey Sweeite, this is wonderful and useful information for me. I'm doing some self message on my shoulders after I write this little message. Ho w are you lady???? Hope that all is well with you. I bring you Passover grettings from S.C. low country. We will be leaving on very early Easter Morning. Actually my stay has been just a little to short and I can't wait to come back. We are doing a concert this weekend so we have been getting ready for that. Please, please, PLEASE, pray for us. We want the Lord to show up and show out. We are not at all concerned about a large crowd, but that people will be touched and come to know Jesus is our concern and prayer. I will keep you posted with the happenings. Take care my sister.