Wednesday, March 4, 2009

March Merriness....

Join us as we celebrate the NEXT THREE DAYS! Though I'll be working the overnight I still have the joy of three great celebrations!
Today, March 4th is my spiritual brother's 40th birthday! Such a joy to see him make this milestone as an awesome man of God. Happy Birthday DW!

Tomorrow my cousin Lydia celebrates her 90something birthday. She said after 90 you only need to celebrate the 100th. It's not one of those elderly birthdays but the spice of Cuba as she'll share stories of her voyage here from the country and her many experiences in Harlem where she's lived since she came to the USA. Happy Birthday Lydia!

Then Friday WTLS spends the day on a Royal Caribbean Cruise ship to join with family and friends to celebrate the union of Steven and Tenneil at their wedding! This is WTLS first cruise coordination and I'm so excited they decided to use our services. They are such a blessed couple to have their parents marriages to lay the path of love, communication and longevity. God has shined on this couple to come together and let no man put asunder....Congrats Steven and Tenneil, we love you!

So as the blog gets happy join us as we MARCH into such a great time!


  1. Thanks for the sweet comment on my blog :) Praying that many blessings come your way!!!

    I would love to hear Lydia stories, I love to hear stories from older people their stories often speak of determination, courage, strength and pride. Happy Birthday Lydia!!!!!


  2. I will be there with bells on my dear!!! I am doing the makeup!!!! She doesn't need any. She's cute enough already! Steve is a great guy and I know that the two will be very happy together! Have they joined the church yet?? I can't wait to see you in action. I know it will be beautiful.
    I love you so much sis